Family caregiving is something very near and dear to my heart and to my family.

In April 2012 we lost my grandmother, who lived with my parents for approximately two years before finally being admitted to a full time care facility under hospice care.  Although we lost her in April, the process of receiving caregiving for Grandma was such a blessing for our family.

For the most part I felt very helpless throughout the whole process.  I live in Tennessee while my family lives in Colorado.  It was tough for them to make visits or go on trips together.  It was tough to even plan a night out with friends.  It was tough for me not to be able to be part of the caregiving process or help share the responsibility.  My parents were fortunate enough to be able to hire someone to provide day time care for my grandmother so they could continue to work.  One caregiver in particular became a very special person in the life of my grandmother and my parents.  I only got to meet Peggy at my grandmother’s funeral, but what a special blessing to be able to meet her.  My parents told me that Peggy spent days with my grandmother, encouraging her to work on physical therapy, reading to her and being her friend.  Peggy enriched Grandma’s life and changed her days from time spent in front of a television into something she really looked forward to.  My parents were able to keep their jobs and know that Grandma was in good hands.  Peggy formed a special bond with Grandma and I could tell how important she had become to all of the family.  Peggy was among the first people my parents called when Grandma passed.

I know that not all families have the same opportunities for full time family care.  That is why supporting the TRC is so important to me.  The respite that the TRC provides for full time family caregivers can mean to the world to that caregiver.  The work that the TRC does is so beautiful because it’s people taking care of people who care for loved ones.

I hope that you will support the TRC, too; with a gift of time, talent or treasure you can help make the difference in the life of a family today.
– Natalie Corwin, TRC Marketing Committee Volunteer

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