Caregivers’ New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Instead of making resolutions that we can’t keep, it’s time to make goals for yourself that are attainable and actually something to look forward to!

It’s a good idea for Caregivers to create a list of things they would like to do, when they are given the gift of Respite.  Whether it mean going for a walk in the park, talking to a friend, napping, writing a letter, going to see a movie….have something planned so you can really enjoy yourself!  You deserve it!

Let go of guilt and let the people that want to help you, step in.  People really do want to offer their own services, so take them up on it!

First, know that you are not alone and most people find comfort in being able to share their thoughts and feelings with other people going through the same thing that they are.  If you are interested in finding a group near you in Tennessee, visit:   Also, please feel free to call our helpline at Tennessee Respite Coalition 1.888.579.3754 for more information and support.

However you decide to take a break, make sure you do it often enough to maintain a healthy balance for yourself individually, and as a caregiver.

Need Help?Call Our Helpline

We can help provide assistance to those in need. Simply reach out to us through our helpline number. We are available during business hours.