Art of Time

Recently, the TRC held a fundraising event titled “The Art of Time” where original works of art were made available at both silent and live auctions.  It was a great event and a good time for those who came out.  At the event, one of the caregivers that has benefitted from TRC’s respite program told us about her 90-year-old mother who lives with her and her husband and what a blessing our respite program has been to her family.  I remember thinking “this is what it’s all about.”

If you haven’t realized it in your life already, time is such a precious commodity.  For those providing care for others, it is as priceless as a work of art.  An hour that we may spend at lunch taking a break, window shopping at the mall, or just running errands – that’s an hour that a caregiver would love to have to do some of those very same things or even just do something as simple as take a nap.  I realize that in Tennessee we are so fortunate to have an organization like the Tennessee Respite Coalition that understands what caregivers need.  TRC has good people working tirelessly with it across the state to bring awareness to the organization and help us to be able to give the gift of time – one hour at a time – to those caregivers.

The next time you are admiring a painting in a museum, taking a walk, or reading a book, remember that somewhere there is a caregiver wishing they had a few minutes to themselves.  Remember the preciousness of a single minute.  Remember the gift of time.

– Donna Kumar, TRC Board Member

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